Welcome to our “Our Partners” page, where sustainability meets extraordinary experiences. At Highlife Mexico, we’re proud to collaborate with like-minded businesses that embody our commitment to sustainable, high-quality adventures. Our handpicked partners, owned by exceptional individuals, share our vision for unparalleled service and unique journeys. Together, we’re shaping a world of unforgettable moments that leave a positive footprint. Join us in celebrating these extraordinary partnerships that redefine travel and inspire a brighter, more responsible future.

Miri Adventures - Experiences in Cozumel


Miri Adventures emerges with a unique mission: to offer you unforgettable ecotourism experiences from a completely different perspective.

Our deep love for Cozumel drives us to show you not only the wonders of this beautiful island, but also to immerse you in its essence and learn from it through enamored voices. You will discover hidden secrets and fascinating stories that resonate in every corner of this tropical land. From ancient Mayan legends rooted in these lands to the cultural richness that is felt in every street, each experience will be an authentic passionate journey that will nourish your traveler’s soul.



At Ventaigua Water Sport School, they invite you to discover exciting water and wind sports in Puerto Cancún. With a friendly atmosphere, they offer classes for all levels and top-notch equipment from DUOTONE, FANATIC, and ION. Join their passionate community and enjoy the vibrant sea experience.

Cooperativa Marítima de Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres Cooperative: A united collective driven by shared purpose and values. With a focus on norms and sustainability, our multi-owned company on Isla Mujeres embodies a commitment to responsible practices. We come together to share resources, knowledge, and operational benefits for our fleet of boats, harmonizing efforts to deliver enriching experiences that reflect our dedication to a vibrant, responsible future for our community and visitors.

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Important Notice:

If the booked activity needs to be canceled due to bad weather, it will be rescheduled at your convenience or you will receive a 100% refund. Don’t be afraid to book, the weather changes from day to day! 🌦️🌦️

Aviso Importante:

Si la actividad reservada debe ser cancelada debido al mal clima, se reprogramará a tu conveniencia o se te regresará el 100% de tu dinero. ¡No tengas miedo de reservar, el clima cambia de un día a otro! 🌦️🌦️